Adds water and stain repellent to all footwear

How To Use:
Remove loose dust and dirt
Clean with original footwear cleaner
Spray on to dry footwear from 10-15cm
Allowing to dry thoroughly

Sports Whitener

Restore colour to white leather and canvas footwear. 

How To Use:

Remove surface dirt first. Shake bottle, press sponge applicator against the shoe without squeezing the bottle. Spread evenly and allow to dry before use.
Rinse  sponge applicator after use.

Leather Cream

Specifically formulated cream containing Beeswax. Cleans, conditions and restores all delicate leathers, including patent and reptile. Suitable for footwear, bags and leather furniture.


How to use :

Remove all surface dirt. Pull off cap- do not twist. Gently squeeze the tube and apply the cream sparingly with the sponge applicator, using a circular motion. Allow to dry, then buff. Before exposing to water, allow articles to dry for a minimum of three hours. This product should be used sparingly on a lint-free cloth by unscrewing the cap/sponge applicator and squeezing directly from the tube.

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Scuff Cover

A heavily pigmented liquid for successfully covering scuffs and restoring colour to smooth leather footwear.


Waxed Leather

Cleans, nourishes and protects all oiled, waxed and matte leathers. 

How to use:

Shake can well. Spray onto article from a distance of 15 cm. Remove excess product with a clean cloth or sponge. Suitable for all ' TEX' fabrics. Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

Footwear Cleaner

Cleans and revives all footwear
Cleans all footwear

How To Use:

Remove loose dust and dirt
Shake well and spray on to footwear from 10-15cm
Wipe over with a clean cloth

Shoe Cream

For smooth leather. High pigment content cleans, covers scuffs and scratches, conditions, protects and adds shine.

How to use : 

Remove surface dirt first. Apply cream evenly with a soft cloth and allow to dry, before buffing with a brush or cloth to desired shine. Repeat on scuff marks if necessary. Contains Beeswax. To remove dark scuff marks, its advisable to use

Shoe Care